•  Snowboard gloves inside with wrist...
  • Wrist guards with or without Snowboard Ski gloves

    Snowboard gloves inside with wrist protection Biomex of Level or loose wrist protectors Flexmeter for snowboarding, skating, mono-wheel, longboarden, skate. Many snowboarding accidents relate to forearm and wrist injury. Flexmeter wrist protector with one protector is ideal if they have to fit under gloves and this provides good protection for a beginner to a good snowboarder.
    Flexmeter wrist protection with two protectors for when the risk of wrist injury is high, or if you have already broken the wrist once, than choose the best for your wrist choose the Flexmeter wrist protector for snowboarding with 2 protectors.
    Snowboard Gloves Flexmeter Double with two protectors inside and Super Pipe snowboard gloves of Level not only for daredevils! Snowboard gloves with wrist protection Biomex in it are developed with attention to the mobility of the wrist. Snowboard Gloves and Ski gloves with Biomex wrist protection the snowboard gloves Fly Black for men, Butterfly Silver Clay for women. Ski gloves Switch with wrist protection Level Freeski Biomex for women and men!